Tong-Tom-Yai Homestay


Tong-Tom-Yai is small village in Chumporn Province of southern Thailand.
A village by the sea. Please visit me here.


Near the village have a jetty. Please visit me here.


Fishermen can fish here. Please visit me here.


Old home. Please visit me here.


octopus from boat. Please visit me here.


star gooseberry. Please visit me here.


My breakfast. Please visit me here.


evening. Bye bye the sun.

Thank you for read.
Please visit me here.


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You Leather It started with a love of the handmade. When I was a child, my mother taught me to knit crochet and I was trained Handmade to work in several ways.I love to design and Produced for respond and a pleasure to someone find. My dream, I would have a small shop with my works on display for everyone to see. Today I had my shop here, I will focus my Love and talent to create good item for everyone. Hope you to be happy and enjoy with the item that I have created. Thank You. June Please visit me :

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