5 Tips to Survive in Google Panda Update


Google has implemented its latest update with some unpopular results. Google calls it “Panda”, but it’s also known in the media as “Farmer”. This most recent update has caused some problems with many sites. In fact, many websites have found that they are listed far below their former search engine rankings. It’s essential that you maintain or improve your status, even in light of the most recent changes. Google’s Panda update, aimed at improving the quality of search engine results, has left webmasters reeling under shocks. Naturally, the sight of plummeting traffic is nothing short of shocking! A good way to begin the analysis of how Panda affected your website would be to assess whether your traffic influx improves, remained stable, or dipped.
What does Google Panda aim to target?
At the receiving end of the algorithm update from Google are websites which:

  1. Serve you useless content, in other words thin content.
  2. Work as content farms.
  3. Clutter loads of ads on pages.
  4. Are designed recklessly.
  5. Remain stuck without updated content for long durations.
  6. Have useless pages indexed in Google.

Tips to Survive after Google Panda Update

Write Original and Creative

These days only Good Writers can earn high Position in Rankings without being penalized by Google. If you can’t able to write good, creative and unique content, then, there is no way to get success. But if your site contains some creative Articles, then, you will automatically Rank Higher because Google Like Unique Ideas and also Your Content will be more popular among readers. This will make you super heavyweight in the arena of Google Panda.

Engage in Social Media & Author Profiles
In Simple Word, Higher the Number of Social Media, Higher Your Rankings will be in Google. So, You can use Google+, Facebook, Pinterst, Twitter, etc.
Google+ & Facebook – Sprinkle related keywords on the profile, you can do the same. Do not simply drop them. Mix them into your descriptions. Your profile is a professional “Name Card” that tells people who
you are. It could be the “FIRST” conversation you are going to have with your people who is interested to know about you! So do it well.
1) Ensure “Profile discovery” is set to “visible in search”.
2) In “Other Profiles”, list your other profiles. On mine, I listed my Facebook profile and pages.
3) “Contributor To” this is where you list the domains/sites you contribute content to.
4) “Links” – Give some link juice to your site from Google.com
Both FB and G+ are the most important profiles that will influence your authorship. Details on both must match. Matching and linking these 2 will build a strong authorship relevance.
Pinterest – Engage in pinterest optimization product offers
Twitter – Twitter is the game changer in all of this it is important that every site of yours has twitter integrated for it to have a more real time communication with its readers.

Avoid Blind Affiliation

Affiliate marketing is one the best ways to generate Income but Beware, if you are doing it blindly, Google’s New Algorithm Updates Might be coming after you to give you a Surprise Gift (Penalty). So, Use Affiliate Links in a limit which will save you from Google’s eye and also earn you decent money.

301 Redirects

Try to find out how many pages of your website have low quality and duplicate content and after finding them use 301 redirects to point them at pages of your websites that have highly quality content.

Off-Page Optimization

You might have to change your linkbuilding method to as follows:
20% – your main keyword that you’re wanting to rank for
25% – related LSI keywords (these are keywords related to your main keyword. Think of these as the “related” searches that Google shows you as you’re typing in their search field).
35% – your URL as the anchor text, as well as other combinations of “branded keywords”.
20% – generic keywords



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