How do I boost sales in my etsy shop?

To day I see this Great article from this site.


Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Etsy Sales

Here are the top ten tips I suggest to increase your bottom line:

1. Find Your Niche.

There are several categories on Etsy that are completely saturated, and if you try selling in one of them it may be rather tough to get sales going.

What makes your product stand out? How is it different from the other 20,000 results generated from an Etsy search?

Think about every detail of your product and how it’s specific to your target audience. Use this information when creating your titles and description.

2. Offer the Same Item In Two Different Categories

I sell “Day You Were Born” pages and started them out in the Scrapbooking section selling them as Premade Scrapbook Pages. I soon realized that by taking some information out, I could also sell them as “Day You Were Married” pages and offered them as anniversary gifts. This is my most popular item!

Get creative and ask others opinions on how you can sell your products from a different angle.

3. Use Different Tags Than Words Included In Your Title.

Besides using keywords in your title, you can also include “tags” or other keywords at the bottom of your listing. Your listings can be found if a keyword is a tag and not in the actual title, so use different descriptive words as tags that you used in your title. This gives your listing more search results and more opportunities for sales!

4. Offer a Freebie

I offer a free digital product from my store to anyone who shares one of my listings on Facebook or Pinterest. This is effective, inexpensive advertising.

5. Offer More Items

The more items you have listed in your Etsy shop, the more you are going to sell. This goes back to my second tip — think of ways you can tweak an item to make it a completely different listing.

6. Invite Users To Share With Their Friends

Etsy includes Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter icons with each listing. Be sure to enable these and encourage your customers to share with their friends.

7. Promote Through

I’ve purchased a few gigs on that were only $5 that brought decent results. If you are going to pay for advertising, I suggest you try’s Online Marketing gigs.

BlogMentions and Social Marketing are my favorites.

8. Use Better Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you can capture your product with a nice background that is pleasing to the eye you will get more customers.

9. Answer Questions Quickly

I’ve lost out on a couple of sales because I didn’t quickly reply to emails. Because some of my products are digital, I can make them up and email them right away. I sometimes get requests from customers who need their item NOW and when I quickly respond I usually make a sale.

10. Create A Facebook Page For Your Etsy Shop

This is something I haven’t completed yet, but I’m working on it and know it will improve sales!

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