3 Steps SEO for Etsy Shops


1.) Choose your Niche

The first most important rule, is that you have to choose a niche to whom you want to sell. If you want to be generalist, avoid doing SEO at all, because you’ll never be able to get some real results. You will never be recognised as “important” in any topic, so you’ll always be in the least important results of a user search, both on Google and Etsy.

You need to focus on some keywords and topics, to be able to become important on that ones. If you become important for this topics, you’ll start to popup in more and more search results. You will start seeing more sales.

To decide which niche is right for you, please see this tutorial.

2.) Write searchable Titles & Descriptions

Now on to some practical stuff. 50% of the SEO that you’ll implement, will be in the titles and descriptions of your products. Your titles and description should include the words that you want to be found with. You should write extensive titles and descriptions because you’ll have more chances to make this words appear and appear again, getting more importance on these.

Specially in the descriptions you have more space to do this well:
– Tell how the product is made
– Why it’s made that way
– Where you’ve gotten the inspiration and so forth

In all these sentences, try to make the keywords pop-up as much as possible, but maintain some elegance in your writing. These sentences should be written well for people to understand as well.

If you exaggerate, the people whom will arrive on the product page (thanks to the SEO improvements), will not buy because the description just doesn’t feel natural and convincing.

Here more infos about how to write compelling titles and descriptions.

3.) Write Your Own Blog

The other half of SEO, that you can implement, is on your blog. This is especially helpful when you want to increase your Google ranking. I know it requires time, but not that much, if you’re organised. You don’t have to necessary write about something new or extremely difficult.

You can just start documenting the creative process of the creation of your products. Shoot photos while you create your products and then use them in a blogpost with some descriptions of the steps. You can make a sort of description of your creative process, a documentary of the creation of each product, or a tutorial about how to create some product at your home.

That’s easy stuff that you can do, without investing a heavy amount of time.

Source : http://blog.fanchimp.com/3-steps-seo-for-etsy-shops/



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