Open a Blog to Promote your Etsy Shop


Think about it

The first thing you have to do before open a blog is design it. When designing, think about the elements of persuasion and the personality you want to present to the public. Reply to these questions and try to define your blog:

  • What are your interests? Besides your Etsy shop, what are your hobbies, and what are the things you do every day that excite you? For example, if you have children and you love taking care of them, you may open a “mommy” blog.
  • Is your Etsy shop your full time job? Do you have employees? In this case, your blog should be strictly related to your shop. You could talk about the “behind the scenes” of your products, the materials you use, etc. If you have employees they may contribute to the blog too.
  • Are you selling to a particular niche market? For example, if you sell wedding related products or items for pets, you’ll need to open a shop related to these topics to target and attract that type of buyer.
  • Do you like to teach or do tutorials? Perhaps you’re selling clothes and you like to teach. A great idea can be to create tutorials about sewing the latest fashions.
  • Are you a photographer? In this case I will suggest that you open a photography blog where you can showcase your skills.

Choose your platform

Creating a blog is completely free. Various services exist that give you the space and the tools to do it. It is important to choose the best platform for you, depending on your skills and on what you want to achieve.

It is my favorite one and the source that I’m using for my blog. The best thing about it is that it is fully customizable, but it is a bit more complicated than the others. If you’re a beginner, I wouldn’t recommend WordPress. It is simple to install but can be a little tricky going forward.
Useful links:
Start with WordPress
Best WordPress themes
Best WordPress plugins
Etsy Wrodpress plugins

It is owned by Google and is one of the most popular with Etsy Sellers because it is fast and simple to use.
Start a blog with Blogger
Best Blogger themes
Best Blogger plugins

This is a paid service that offers a personal support and it is easy to use.
Start with Typepad

This is one of the simpler ones, but it is not fully customizable like the others. I suggest it for photo blogs where you just share images.
Follow this guide to create your Tumblr blog
Best Tumblr themes

Content is king

Keep in mind that the most important thing about a blog is the content. Begin generating content right away by writing posts, and don’t think too much about adding widgets, plugins, photos of your shop, etc. At the beginning you just have to bring in traffic with your content.

How will people find my blog?

When people need information, they go to Google, type in what they are looking for and find websites or blogs with that information. Your blog can be one of those resources where people can find information about what they’re looking for. This is called “organic” traffic and if you’re writing good quality content, this will increase month after month. For example, if you add to your blog a post about “how to make a doll dress” and somebody searches on Google for that topic, they will be able to go to your blog for information.

Another way people come to your blog is from references on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. People can also discover your blog through paid advertising.

Be patient

Effective blogging, like social media marketing, takes time. Don’t worry if in the first months of blogging you don’t generate a lot of traffic. You need to create enough searchable content to start being recognized by Google. Start by creating a new blog post every week for the first two months and then continue with two per week.

Use Twitter

Twitter is a great source of traffic for blogs and you need to strategize well to use it effectively. Follow these steps:

  • Start to follow and to interact with some users in your target market. If you’re promoting a blog about mom’s tips, find some moms to interact with on Twitter.
  • Share your blog contents and contents from other blogs that talk about interesting things for your target market. Share two or three times a day the products that you sell that appeal to your target Twitter audience.
  • Use hashtag #. If you blog about mom’s tips, always use two tags related to the post, #MomsTips, #Moms, etc.
  • Reply to @mentions and direct messages.

Be consistent

When you decide on a blog subject, you need to continue with that item of interest because you will begin to be perceived as an expert on that topic. This will bring more traffic to your shop due to your expert status.

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