The Complete Guide to Open a Blog for your Etsy Shop


What platform should I use?

The truth is that it doesn’t matter that much. The most important thing is writing consistently and writing high quality content.

I personally advise to open a blog, beacause it’s fast to open, you forget about maintenance and you still have the Rolls Roys of the blogs. WordPress is almost always the platform of choice for companies and people who take blogging seriously. Because, different from Blogger and Tumblr, it can adapt to the kind of use that you need.

WordPress can be extended and customised extensively, but can also be used as is. And using the version on, that has a simpler interface than the WordPress that you can install on your own server, is as easy as Tumblr.

The most important factor that makes the best choice is that, like Etsy, it has a main window where your blogpost will appear. So, is some ways, it’s marketing your blog.


Open your WordPress

Just go over, click Get Started and fill out the form. You’ll be able to open your blog for free, the paid version is just optional.

After opening the activation link sent to your email, your WordPress account is ready!

0 open blog wordpress etsy shop

Now, you just have to finish the setup of your profile from the Settings menu.

1a open blog wordpress etsy shop

How to publish your first blogpost

It’s really easy to post a new blogpost. Just click on New Post and then choose the type. If you’re not secure about what type to choose, just select Text, that’s the more flexible one (you can add images and videos, too).

1b open blog wordpress etsy shop

2 open blog wordpress etsy shop

And confirming, your blogpost is already live! See how easy it was?

4 open blog wordpress etsy shop

Change your blog’s theme

Of course, you don’t want the standard theme. You want something more in style with what you do. Well, that’s simple too.

Just click on My Blogs, and click on Change Appearance.

7 open blog wordpress etsy shopHere you have a vast gallery of themes, some free and some paid. Look for the cooler ones using the rankings or searching keywords like “handcraft” or “art”.

Then, when you’ve found it, you can use the Live preview button to preview it, and Activate to set it as your blog’s theme.

8 open blog wordpress etsy shop

And as you see, it’s already live!

9 open blog wordpress etsy shop

But wait, there are some strange sentences that I’ve not written. Don’t worry, they are just default texts. To change them, in the Appearance page, click on Customize.

10 open blog wordpress etsy shop


Now you don’t have any excuses. Start to write about the products that you’ve created, why you’ve created them and why you’ve chosen some materials and not others.

Then, ask a friend to shoot you some photos while you’re working to make a “behind the scenes” article. You don’t need a professional photographer or a professional camera.

Just show your passion and your art.

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