The ultimate list of Marketing tips for your Etsy shop


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Networking and Participating in Groups

As we know, there are more than 800,000 sellers on Etsy. This means that there are a lot of people with same problems and others with solutions. Etsy Teams is a fantastic community where you can read a lot of interesting suggestions and share yours with others. There are a lot of groups dedicated to marketing; I strongly suggest you join some of them. I’m sure you will love them.
Here are some of my favorites:

There’s another type of group that will not increase your sales, but it will help you with your social media strategies, such as increasing your likes and your Facebook Edge Rank. In this group, users post links to their FB pages, the can you like them and they can like yours. The same thing happens with Twitter, Etsy like, etc. They’re both on Etsy and Facebook.

Buy your own domain name

Owning a domain name doesn’t mean you have to own a website; you can simply link the domain with your Etsy shop. The main reason to own your domain name is the SEO. In other words, it’ll be simpler for people find you through Google.
Another important reason is for communication outside of Etsy. With your own domain name, your customers can easily remember or guess how to find your shop.
How do you that? First, you have to buy the domain. I suggest you use GoDaddy because it’s cheaper and there’s a lot of documentation online. After purchasing your domain, follow this guide, written by an Etsy seller, to make the link.

Sell in other platforms

Etsy is the biggest and most famous platform to sell handmade and creative products, but in the last years, other platforms have come into the market. Some of them are free to use and they’re getting bigger. I suggest you to try another channel that can help increase your sales. If it doesn’t work, you can always delete it. The most famous are ArtFire (no fees, $12.95/monthly), Bonanza (completely free) and Storenvy (free with some paid features). I suggest you try Storenvy because is super simple to use, the design is very nice, and it’s integrated with Fanchimp.


This is one of the most effective ways to promote your products. However, the key to success is not the blog itself, but what your blog is about. Your blog shouldn’t be just an advertisement for your products. It should be a place where your readers can get to know more about yourself and your work; a place where they can interact with you and watch how you make your products. So do not publish post like,”I just listed these earrings, buy them here.” Instead, post something like, “Watch the post above to see the creation of my latest earrings.” If you don’t have many ideas of what to write about in your blog, consider the following topics: tutorials, personal reflections, things happening in your life, or comments about what’s happening around you.
Another important thing to keep in mind is that you need to write often, at least once a week, to increase your readers and followers.

Optimizing your shop

As you know, last October, Etsy changed their relevancy search, so now you have to optimize your shop in a different way. Etsy offered 3 tips to help optimize your shop listings:

  • Relevancy: Relevancy is the opposite of recency. In the old Etsy, if a person was searching for “yellow earrings”, they would see any items with those words in the title and the order of the items was based on when those earrings were listed. Now, you have to boost your relevancy factor with a good title, great images, and accurate tags.
  •  Update Your Photos: The images of your products are now more important for your sales. The competition on Etsy is huge and a great photo can make a big difference. I wrote about that in my previous post: “Quality photographs count! A key point when selling on Etsy“. If you want to know how to shoot better photos check out this video tutorial: “How to Shoot Great Photos of Jewels for Etsy (Stones, Bijoux, Croquets)
  • Review Your Shop Stats and Make Smart Changes

Social media marketing

I think you know perfectly well that social media marketing means Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. As for blogging, the most important thing is not if you have a page in every social network, but that you update them in the right way. Here are the most important tips, and you can find more in my previous posts:

  • Create just the pages that you’re going to update: Don’t create thousand blank pages; start with one and do it well.
  • Update your pages daily: This can sound strange, but it’s the key to gaining popularity on Facebook, where the competition between pages is huge.
  • Wait for the results: When you start a social media campaign you have to wait, because the results don’t come after one month. It’s like blogging and SEO; you have to keep going and then the results will come.
  • Engage: When somebody is engaging with you, reply to them as quickly as possible, because you can lose a sale. Please control your Twitter mentions; I noticed that a lot of sellers don’t reply to them.



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